Hi, I'm Fabi. I write knitting patterns among other things



My newest pattern, Dezasseis, is now available on Ravelry!

After a smooth test knit, this might be my fastest pattern release yet. I was a bit disappointed when I realized that I would have to release it as a one size only, but I decided to release as is. The price tag should reflect the pattern’s shortcomings.

As you probably gathered from the title, this is a portuguese only content anouncement. I probably shouldn’t even write a post about it, but who knows if there isn’t someone out there desperately looking for a sock knitting tutorial for portuguese knitting, that doesn’t mind not understanding a word I’m saying.

The pattern I wrote for this tutorial is only in portuguese too, but that might change in the future.


Eight months after first coming up with this design, it is finally time for releasing it. I didn’t get it ready in time for the last Holiday season and decided to release it today, not only because it is my birthday, but also because we are now 5 months away from Christmas. Time to start thinking about Christmas knitting!

You can read more about this pattern here.

I’ve been talking a lot about writting my first pattern on my youtube channel and it’s finally here. It’s nothing new or fancy; just my favorite techniques for knitting socks. I knit the portuguese way, with yarn in the back, and this pattern is written for knitting that way. This is not the case for my future patterns, but for this one I thought it would be fun to leave like that. There are tons of free sock patterns out there, but not that many written for portuguese…


Here you can read about my designs, as well as tips and modifications to my patterns. If you speak Portuguese you can also find me on Youtube as Meyas Podcast. And of course I am on Ravelry! Click on the Ravelry icon above or search for apionese.