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Little Peaks Quilt

It's done!

<p>This blog post is the continuation of <a href="/en/blog/quiltproblemspart2">Solving a quilt puzzle: Part 2</a> and the final post in the series. When I wrote the last post (1.5 years ago 😬), I was still sewing the triangles to each other, in long stripes of triangles. I also planned on writing more blog posts describing the process, but that obviously didn’t happen. If you’re new here and don’t want to read the previous posts, the quilt design I used is free on <a…
<p>This blog post is a continuation of post <a href="/en/blog/quiltproblemspart1">Solving a quilt puzzle: Part 1</a>.</p><p>According to the plan I delineated in Part 1, I should now attribute a color to each number I used on the previous section.</p><p>I was planning on using a Robert Kaufman roll-up (more on it in Part 1), and on Robert Kaufman’s website you can see a picture of the fabric for each color on the roll. I screenshot it and got the RGB color values for each fabric with Gimp.…

Solving a quilt puzzle: Part 1

Triangles, rectangles, numbers

<p>Before we get to the meat of the matter, followers of this blog beware: the next couple of posts will be different than what I usually share on this space, and will contain no knitting whatsoever.</p><p>I have wanted to make a quilt ever since I started sewing and <a href="">Purl Soho’s Little Peaks Quilt pattern</a> was exactly the sort of quilt that I was looking for. The only problem with the pattern is that there…

Emilinda Aurora

With or without an i-cord?

<p>On my shawl pattern <a href="/en/patterns/emilindaaurora">Emilinda Aurora</a>, I give you the option to knit an i-cord on the bobble border. Hopefully this post will help you figure out if you need to knit it or not.</p><p>After blocking my gray sample, the border remained flat for a while. But after 4 or 5 days of wearing the shawl, it began to curl! It doesn’t bother me at all. You can still see the bobbles and the shawl is very comfortable. However, the photos might be misleading and…


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