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Gift guide

For the knitter in your life

Christmas is right around the corner and I decided to write a list of gift suggestions to help non-knitters on this holiday season. My list includes products that I either already own and love, or products that I’m planning on buying in the future.


Since I’m Portuguese, I tried to look for the products in Portuguese stores. When that wasn’t possible, I looked for alternatives in Europe (to avoid customs fees).

Emilinda Aurora

With or without an i-cord?

On my shawl pattern Emilinda Aurora, I give you the option to knit an i-cord on the bobble border. Hopefully this post will help you figure out if you need to knit it or not.

After blocking my gray sample, the border remained flat for a while. But after 4 or 5 days of wearing the shawl, it began to curl! It doesn’t bother me at all. You can still see the bobbles and the shawl is very comfortable. However, the photos might be misleading and that is why I decided to knit the rusty version.



My new pattern, Emilinda Aurora, has been finally released and it’s available on Ravelry. It has taken longer to release than I expected (as per usual), but I think it was worth it to think about the pattern a bit more.

I decided to knit a second sample where I knit an i-cord edge on the bobble border, the orange sample. The i-cord will help with the curling on the border and it looks as beautiful as before (in my opinion 😇). You can read more about the icord on this post.


When I finished my sample for my Quietude pattern, I couldn’t stop thinking about knitting a pair of socks for my niece and nephew. And I ended up adding their sizes and more to the original pattern. So as not to confuse people, there are now 3 PDF files, one for each yarn weight and gauge. If you already have the pattern you should have received an update from Ravelry. You can find the pattern here.





Here you can read about my designs, as well as tips and modifications to my patterns. If you speak Portuguese you can also find me on Youtube as Meyas Podcast. And of course I am on Ravelry! Click on the Ravelry icon above or search for apionese.